ODB Press

Certification resources for Oracle database professionals

ODB Press was created to fill a void. 
If you go into any of the larger brick and mortar bookstores and check out the shelves in the computer section, you are almost certain to see a number of certification preparation guides for Cisco and CompTIA certifications. Most likely there will be a handful of books for some Microsoft certification tests as well. However, your chances of finding books for Oracle certification exams on the shelf are fairly remote. Certainly if you search online bookstores, you will have more luck finding guides for some of the Oracle certification exams. Even there, however, the keyword is 'some.' A relatively small percentage of the Oracle certification exams have even a single preparation book written for them. If you would like to have a choice of preparation books to purchase, there is just a handful of exams for which this is the case.
It is this scarcity of certification materials for Oracle exams that led to the creation of ODB Press. Faced with the task of preparing for an exam that had no certification-specific materials to help guide me, I created a very detailed set of notes as part of my study process. After passing the exam, I cleaned up the notes and published them to Amazon so that other Oracle professionals would have an easier time preparing for the same exam. I had a similar set of notes for the previous exam I had taken, so I cleaned those up and published them as well.

People bought the study guides and for the most part liked them. Several readers contacted me and asked if I would be publishing more in the series. 'More' was never part of the original plan. The plan was simply to publish a couple of books and then move on.
Given the interest in the series, I changed my method ot preparing for certifications to include the creation of a study guide. At the time this 'About' blurb was written, the Oracle Certification Prep series contains over twenty study guides. I have to admit that I do not really enjoy writing the study guides. Expanding from 'Study Notes' that make perfect sense to me to 'Study Guides' that other people would find coherent is a lot of work. However I do enjoy the fact that people find the guides useful.
As the series popularity has grown, it has begun to expand into other areas of exam preparation. The Oracle Certification Prep website offers links to free study materials and Oracle Certification Prep practice tests offer a lower-cost means for candidates to determine if they are ready for the real exam. Ultimately my plan is to continue to provide alternatives for Oracle professionals to prepare for certification exams without spending a lot of money or using brain dumps.